The Different Types of Casino Players

Knowing the different types of casino players is just as important as knowing the rules of the game. Often times, you will hear the phrase “play the man, not the game” being thrown around in the world of poker. Studying your opponent and characterizing his/her habits is perhaps one of the finest skills you will need to master before you become a professional casino player.

Have you ever dreamt of winning one of those prestigious WSOP bracelets? If yes, read ahead to get a boost of confidence as you play casino online or at a live event.

The Broad Categories

The first two types of casino players are successful and unsuccessful players. To be a successful player, you need to widen your focus beyond what’s in your hand. Unsuccessful players are those who often fail to observe their opponents or fail to take a keen interest in their surrounding especially when they are not in hand.

Types of Poker Players based on Playing Styles

Poker personalities can also be categorized according to their playing styles- such as tight versus loose and passive versus aggressive.

• Tight vs Loose Poker Personalities

To distinguish the two players, always observe their starting hand selection. It is a general observation that the tight poker player always plays a limited range of his best hands only. The loose poker player, on the other hand, is willing to play multiple hands simultaneously.

• Passive vs Aggressive Types of Poker Players

This grouping focuses on the player’s willingness or tolerance to risk. A passive opponent always has a fear of losing. For that reason, they will be more reluctant to call and check. During a match, observe the player who is a little stingy with his/her chips and mark him/her as passive. The aggressive opponent, on the other hand, tends to bet and raise more often than not. Moreover, they will stake most if not all of their chips without fear of loss. Note that these players may either walk away with massive profits or huge losses. They also don’t easily fall for bluffs since they do it quite often themselves.

A good way to win is to blend both passive and aggressive traits as most professional players do. This way, you will be able to call the blind to the flop, bet big where necessary, and pick the right moment to bluff.

The Professional Casino Personalities

Casino games can be quite rewarding especially if you have mastered the strategies of the games. Professional players know this all too well and actually, make a living out of online casino gambling. These are the players who will seize the moment and bet big when the time is right and also know when to fold. You can almost notice the way they handle their chips skilfully or how they get their timing right when picking a card in Blackjack. A professional player always appears in control. Most of them will interact with the casino staff in a friendly manner since they deem the casino their ‘workplace’. Some may want to show off their skills and thus will choose to play in the common room with a lot of spectators rather than the VIP section.

• The River Rat or Compulsive Gambler

This type of poker player is one of the worst gamers due to their intense need to win. They will choose to bet even before the flop especially when they’ve been dealt a good hand. Otherwise, they will be willing to call any bets thrown at them in a desperate attempt to win big. This goes on in a loop until they either recover their initial stake or make big profits. However, they end up losing since they often make rush calls even when the odds are not in their favour.

• The Rock Poker Player

These types of gamers have a perfect mix of tight and passive gaming traits. They can be extremely patient and will only get into a hand if they are sure their odds are good. In fact, they might never raise or call in a game. A rock type of player is the worst enemy of aggressive gamers.

Those are the major gaming personalities that most gamers use when playing at casinos. They all have their pros and cons as discussed. However, once you’re able to read your opponent’s tendencies, your luck will definitely change for the better.